What our customers and reviewers think about our Pro Make-up Brush Set

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5star Bling!     January 29, 2015


These  area thick and soft and don’t smell all chemically. (If I was thinking about buying, that’s all I would want to know). The big black one was the only one that had any odor whatsoever and it washed out nicely. It was very slight to begin with, although the directions warned against a new brush smell and advised so washing with baby shampoo. None of the other brushes had any odor, washed nicely and they’re ALL holding up well. I’ve used them for a few days and they don’t leave my face littered with broken black brush hairs like some cheapo brushes do when they’re new and then again when they’re old. These aren’t old yet, but they’ve passed the new test.

As for the set — well, I’m not much of a bling girl. The case is thick and nice and if you’re into sequins: look out this is your case. I am kinda low maintenance and I keep all of my makeup brushes tossed haphazardly in my train case anyway, so sequins be damned.

I made a video of the set before I used it. (Because I didn’t want to make one after I used them with all of my powders jammed up on them). The whole set is really nice, about 7 more brushes than I will ever use. But it is comforting to know that if I ever need them, I have them on hand.

5starThe best set I’ve ever used      February 16, 2015

By alwaysblabbing

I received a set of these brushes complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of these brushes. These are by far the best makeup brushes I have ever tried. The are super soft but firm enough to apply makeup perfectly. The bristles are firmly attached and I have not experienced any shedding at all.

I LOVE that it comes with a card explaining exactly what the brushes should be used for. Most of the time I’m guessing at how to use a brush. But not with this set. I would recommend this for amateurs and professionals alike.

5starAmazing!     December 31, 2014

By Rachel “Rachel”

Beautiful packaging. Every brush is individually packed. Large selection of different sized brushes, good for each application. The brushes work well. It is a great item.

5star Outstanding Brushes, great gift idea     January 7, 2015

By Michael

I am a makeup artist and love these brushes. The bristles are smooth, durable, and excellent quality. The wooden handle is comfortable to hold while doing my own face or a customer’s. I like that the edges are white so I can see exactly what goes on them. They are easy to clean. I highly recommend them.

Also, they come in a pretty gold sequined case which makes them an ideal gift.

5star Five Stars     January 4, 2015

By Gitty

Best, Best, Best Brushes Set ever!!! Nice, professional, strong, and has a beautiful bag! Perfect gift

5starSoft, plush and luxurious     February 13, 2015

By Anita Rodgers  (Sunland, CA United States)

I love, love, love these make-up brushes. They were given to me as an unexpected gift and I was shocked when I received them. I’m used to using cheap brushes and these are so luxurious and plush that it almost felt wicked using them. Also there is a brush for everything. The fibers are super soft, the handles are substantial, and they come in a pretty sequined bag. They work so well I’ll probably be making up my face a lot more than I used to.

5star AWESOME!     February 18, 2015

By Solomon

Tried so many brands … These are the perfect brushes to get makeup on easy. Leaves no hair on face! Love.

5star My makeup brushes arrived fast in this beautiful elegant case   January 7, 2015

By emelia

These brushes are everything they said they would be. They are high quality brushes and look very elegant. I love that when you open the case there is a description of what each brush is used for. I have used them twice since I’ve received them and the brushes make my makeup look flawless. The brushes are extremely soft and don’t shed. I absolutely love my brushes!

5starGreat brushes     December 28, 2014

By Doc

Love the way they come in the set because it makes it easy for travel. The quality of the brushes are also great. Great gift idea!!

5star These brushes are awesome! I recently purchased 2 …     February 16, 2015

By Abe R.

I recently purchased 2 individual brushes from a different company and paid more than what this 12-pc-set costs!! The value that I got with this set is unbelievable! The amount of brushes in this set, combined with the superb quality of each brush, makes this set an amazing deal!

5starThey are super soft and apply makeup really well …  February 25, 2015

By rachelgrnbrg

Wow these brushes are incredible. They are super soft and apply makeup really well and don’t leave any streaks. I’m super impressed with these. Definitely my new favorite brushes!!

5star Great set!   January 2, 2015

By Mandy Rose

I received this item at a discount, and this is my honest experience: These brushes are incredibly soft and durable. They spread evenly without clumping as other brushes. Fantastic when dabbing, and using concealer. I love that the bag has separate compartments yet rolls into a compact size. So great for traveling!!